MediaFlex 2200 Series Wi-Fi Bridge/Repeater

Reliable broadband connectivity to outdoor Wi-Fi networks and high performance Wi-Fi access point in a single device. The Ruckus MediaFlex 2200 Series is two products in one. It acts as
a wireless access gateway, providing reliable connectivity to outdoor Wi-Fi networks, as well as an extended range indoor 802.11b/g access point.

The Ruckus MediaFlex 2200 Series is the world’s first customer premise equipment specifically designed and optimized for broad-band operators building large-scale metro Wi-Fi networks. Patent-pending hardware and software let subscribers connect faster and more reliably to outdoor metro Wi-Fi networks – auto-matically optimizing around changing environmental conditions.

Intelligent connection algorithms determine the fastest Wi-Fi mesh node with which to associate based on the highest data rates and best signal strength. The Ruckus MediaFlex 2200 Series is the only system that provides unprecedented diversity through the use of a unique, dual polar-ized antenna array. This provides the largest coverage area possi-ble, the strongest resilience to interference and the highest receive sensitivity.

The Ruckus MediaFlex 2200 Series is equipped with integrated smart-MIMO antenna technology developed to reliably com-municate with the metro Wi-Fi nodes. Compatible with standard 802.11b/g metro Wi-Fi nodes, the Ruckus MediaFlex 2200 Series 802.11b/g wireless access gateway extends the metro Wi-Fi cover-age to hard-to-reach indoor locations. For increased deployment flexibility, the Ruckus MediaFlex also comes equipped with an external RF connection. This provides the ability to deploy a high-gain antenna away from the CPE.


  • High gain horizontally and vertically-polarized directional antenna arrays
  • L2TP tunnel bridges Wi-Fi clients onto carrier network allowing unique device authentication
  • 200 milliwatt super high output power amplifiers
  • Management IP access lists
  • Multiple SSIDs for WAN and LAN
  • Separate security configurations between WAN and LAN
  • Automatically alerts users when no Internet connectivity is available
  • Network address translation
  • Preferred BSSID to force association to a specific metro Wi-Fi node
  • DHCP client and server support
  • Remote management support
  • Integrated NUTTCP support