Maipu MP1800-3-8FE router

MP1800-3-8FE router integrates routing, switching, security, VoIP and transmission functions improving businesses in terms of Multi-service Edge-Intelligent Network (MeIN). It adopts fixed and modular structure, and provides broadband-narrowband, multi-service and intelligent solutions.
The router extends 64-byte 100Kpps packet-forwarding capability and 100M line rate switching capability from LAN-to-WAN. It can be used to access multi-Ethernet nodes such as network ends, PC and video monitor in finance, stocks, insurance and public sector industries.

MP1800-3-8FE router provides software features such as VoIP, VPN, MPLS, multicast, MAC address binding, and access control and bandwidth restriction. It provides backup schemes and QoS features. It can be widely applied to multiple services such as data, video and voice.

MP1800-3-8FE router, combined with other Maipu routers, provides complete WAN network solutions for operator, finance, public sector, energy, transport, education and defense, and large and medium-scale organizations.

Key Features

The router integrates routing, switching, security, voice, transmission to realize intelligent network. The inbuilt intelligent switch, firewall, VPN (including MPLS VPN, IPsec VPN and L2TP VPN), VoIP and transmission service modules provide a powerful intelligent platform for different service applications. The router extends Multi-service Edge-Intelligent Network (MeIN) to improve business efficiency.

The router is cost-effective and supports expansion of WAN line bandwidth to 100M. MP1800-3-8FE router adopts the fast-forwarding engine technology. The LAN-to-WAN 64-byte forwarding performance reaches 100Kpps (for more than 256 bytes, the line rate reaches 100M); the switching performance from LAN-to-WAN reaches 100M line rate. It supports expanding the WAN line bandwidth to 100M.

The router has high expansibility. It facilitates expansion of WAN interfaces and VoIP to realize narrowband access. MP1800-3-8FE router integrates the features of previous narrowband routers and provides two high-speed MIMs and one VoIP slot to realize the expansion of private leased line, dialing backup and VoIP.

The router provides multi-Ethernet access for expansion of broadband. It realizes the high-bandwidth access of multi-Ethernet nodes such as network ends, PC and video monitor so that users do not need to purchase Ethernet switches. The network investments are saved, faults reduced, and 100M optic fiber broadband access of carrier MSTP realized.

Ethernet interfaces adopt L3 technology for intelligent service control. WAN line backup ensures that the services are not interrupted. MP1800-3-8FE router realizes the WAN line backup of narrowband-to-narrowband, broadband-to-broadband, narrowband-to-broadband as well as wire-to-wire in the future. It is not required that the upper active/standby aggregation devices are one device, which meets the redundant backup requirement of upper aggregation devices and solves the problem that the switches with high-bandwidth expanding capability cannot realize WAN backup.

The router realizes load balance of multiple WAN lines. The access nodes/network devices provide two or more routes to reach the same server at the upper layer. The lower-level MP1800-3-8FE router can distribute traffic among multiple routes for load balancing. When some route fails, the traffic can be re-distributed on the remaining routes.

The router provides intelligent NMS for automatically diagnosing router faults to realize zero-spot service. Inbuilt dial-up modem/console port is connected to an external dial-up modem for remote login. Switch to remote configuration mode via button. Then users and manufacturers can maintain devices anywhere via telephone line dial-up to realize «zero-spot service». MP1800-3-8FE router supports Maipu intelligent NMS for diagnosing and fixing router faults, automatically generating a record for users to query. It reduces management and maintenance work of users.

The router has a variety software functions and supports MPLS protocols. It supports L2TP and IPsec. The router adopts technologies to deploy different VPN networks from L2 to L3. The router is inbuilt with firewall and provides advanced security features such as ACL packet-filtering, NAT, authentication audit, route verification, callback, and refusing service protection. It provides integrated services and distinguished services, and supports ACR, FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, CBWFQ, and LLQ to ensure differentiation of key services. It supports the centralized network management modes of SHELL and SNMP (SNMP V3). The router adopts English graphical Maipu Masterplan to realize cross-platform and modular network management.

MP1800-3-8FE router is compatible with routers of other manufacturers. It provides easy-to-use configuration interfaces and styles. The router complies with RFC standards and recognized industry standards. The routers can be inter-connected and communicate with network devices of other manufacturers.

MP1800-3-8FE has stable structure. It adopts 19″ standard chassis (1U high), which can be installed on standard rack. The router withstands earthquake, high temperatures, and electromagnetic radiation. It is easy to install or uninstall.

Technical Specifications

Product configuration
Produce model
Console port
Private slot
10/100M Ethernet interface
2FE + 8FE
High-speed RISC processor
Fixed 32MB
Fixed 128MB
Standards & protocols
Link protocol
PPP, SLIP, FR, X.25, HDLC, LAPB, Ethernet_II, Ethernet_SNAP, 802.1Q
Network protocol
Routing protocol
Network security
PPP encryption, L2TP v3, GRE, strategy routing, AAA, IPsec, IKE, PKI, CA, MPLS L3VPN, SSH, SNMP V3
IP phone
H.323 protocol stack, H.225, H.245, RTP/RTCP, RTP compression, T.38/T.30, G.711A/u, G.729, G.723.1 (6.3K)
FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, WFQ, CBWFQ, LLQ, CAR, SPD, WRED, traffic-shaping
Physical indices
Dimensions (H x W x D)
444mm x 318mm x 44.5mm
(Max) 4.5Kg
Power supply requirement
Input voltage (AC)
100~240V, 50/60Hz
Input voltage (DC)
Voltage: -40V ~ -57V
Current: 1.5A
Power consumption (maximum)
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
10~90%. Non-condensing