Maipu MyPower Voice Gateway

The MyPower voice gateway series comprises VG M6000, VG 2000, VG 800 and VG A600. The series supports H.323 standard protocol and SIP protocol compatible with H.323 and SIP standards.

The MyPower voice gateway series adopt modular design; have several different models, so that end-user can design optimized solution for different networks requirement.

The MyPower voice gateway series integrate several value-added features, especially the features of Telephone Priority Allocation, Hot-Line Dial, Move with Original Number, Intelligent Routing, Conference Call,

The product series extends busy-tone scan technology compatible with most companies PBX for least customer investment. When IP network is faulty, it automatically switches to backup network or PSTN network to ensure non-stop service.

MyPower VG M6000
The MyPower VG M6000 is a core-level IP voice gateway, which provides four E1 relay and 96 FXS or 48 FXS+48 FXO It supports conference call function and adopts modularization design, hot-swap, dual-power supply redundancy, and switch without power supply (FXS and E1) with carrier-class reliability applied to IP voice gateway with bigger capability and high reliability.

MyPower VG 2000
The MyPower VG 2000 is an integrated access IP voice gateway, which provides one-port E1 relay and 48 FXO or 32 FXS. It offers modular design interfaces, smart configuration and convenient network management and provides, E1 relay, FXS and FXO interfaces.

MyPower VG 800
The MyPower VG 800 is a terminal IP voice gateway, which provides 16 FXS or 16 FXO).

MyPower VG A600
The MyPower VG A600 is a terminal IP voice gateway, which offers variety of modes. It applies to network terminal access — specifically desktop access.

Key Features

PSTN reliability
VG M6000 Supports CARD hot-swap, power supply redundancy backup and E1 port backup

Maipu IP series product (except VG2000) supports the switch without power supply of FXS and FXO ports to guarantee reliable network operation

PSTN call quality
Auto-modulation coding rate
Voice priority strategy
Silence compression
Comfortable noise and echo cancellation
Dynamic Jitter Buffer adjustment
Lost packet compensating technology
Calling quality same as traditional PSTN

Abundant value-added function
Call transfer
Call forward (no response forward, non-condition forward)
Call waiting
Hot dial
Busy tone auto identification
Port backup
Network backup
Second dial-up
IVR recording
Group ring
Call answering
Direct dial, no extension number
Powerful IP fax function, supporting standard T.38 protocol
List feature

Compatible with standard H.323, SIP protocol IP voice gateway, PBX and standard IP voice products of other companies

Accounting & network management
MyPower VG series combine with Maipu integrated service authentication accounting system (Maipu NetSmart) to provide time limitation, called/calling limitation, called query and bill query

MyPower VCM2000 is Maipu IP voice NMS, which provides the integrated management to IP voice network to finish management of remote configuration (backup, configuration, upgrade), topology (auto network discovery), event (event, warning)

MyPower VG series combine with Maipu NetSmart, MyPower VCM2000 and MyPower VGK2X IP to construct an integrated, unified and high effective IP voice solution

Entire IP voice solution
Maipu products such as gateway, gatekeeper, call management server and authentication accounting system easily realize IP voice system without changing most equipment and enable customers to complete smooth system upgrade, ensure original investment and greatly save internal call charge

Security guarantee mechanism
Supports standard, extended ACL, VLAN, TACACS and RADIUS
Prevents unauthenticated users from entering the system
Provide PAP, CHAP authentication and prevents attacks from IP network