Maipu MyPower VC8100

MyPower VC8100 series IP communications server is the core component in IP communications solutions of Maipu. It provides the user configuration management, user access control, user right management, call routing, and value-added services.

MyPower VC8100 is the soft switch device based on the SIP protocol and integrates the register server, agent server, re-direction server, and media server. It benefits the industry and enterprise users, deployed in the user network center, and provides competitive-price, highly-extendable, and multi-service IP communications solutions.

The IP communications solutions based on MyPower VC8100 support multiple access methods such as IP phones, soft terminals, VoIP gateway, mobile WiFi phones, IP voice, IP video, IP fax telecommunications, and abundant voice completion services.

They provide value-added functions such as the number carrying, voice message box, auto voice response, berthing service, and user customizing service. MyPower VC8100 provides the graphical Web management interface facilitating the management and maintenance.

MyPower VC8100 conforms to the latest SIP, adapts the IBM or HP server hardware platform, and provides excellent performance. A single MyPower VC8100 server supports the register of up to 2000/10000 users (corresponding to VC8110 and VC8120), and supports the deployment of multiple-machine cluster facilitating expansion of the user capacity.

Key Features

  • Mixed networking of latest SIP and multiple protocols; and provides mature and advanced communications platform
  • Integration of multiple SIP servers and provides the high-efficiency call control and service processing
  • Value-added service and provides the call of «converging the voice and video»
    Open service structure and provides the value-added service interface as per the requirements
  • Comprehensive and redundant guarantee policy and provides the IP calls as reliable as PSTN
    Web configuration management and provides the convenient system control method
    Cluster deployment and capacity upgrade; and provides customizing of the best networking scheme

Product Characteristics

Advanced technology based on integrated communications:
MyPower VC8100 supports advanced SIP protocol, adapts the soft switch structure, and integrates the registering server, agent server, re-direction server, and media server. It realizes core control functions such as call routing, user configuration management, user access control, user right management, and value-added service cooperating with other components of Maipu VoIP integrated communications system. VC8100 constructs multiple-protocol integrated communications network structure for users and integrates the mature, reliability, and flexibility of the system.

Open service structure:
MyPower VC8100 supports IP voice, video, and fax services, as well as common value-added services such as voice message box, auto telephone exchange, call agent, number roaming, one phone with multiple numbers and calling by the user name, bringing high-efficiency communications to users. MyPower VC8100 has the open service interfaces so that users can bring in more value-added services by adding service servers in the future.

Abundant functions:
MyPower VC8100 supports voice, video communications, and IP fax. It provides abundant functions such as number roaming, one phone with multiple numbers, and call by the user name, satisfying the mobile office requirements. MyPower VC8100 provides abundant voice completion services such as call transfer, call forward, auto telephone exchange, call pickup, call park, call holding, search group, and voice message box, helping users improve the work efficiency.

Reliability guarantee:
Cooperating with Maipu MyPower VG series media gateway, MyPower VC8100 supports the auto redundancy and fault protection functions of IP phones such as load policy, power-off emergency, and intelligent routing. The functions help assign calls to each trunk gateway according to certain policies. When a trunk gateway fails, MyPower VC8100 automatically routes calls to other gateway, so as to make IP phones as reliable as PSTN.

Capacity expansion:
A single MyPower VC8100 supports the register of up to 2000/10000 users (corresponding to VC8110 and VC8120). It supports deployment of multiple-machine cluster, facilitating the user capacity expanding.

Web-based management & maintenance:
Power VC8100 provides the graphical Web management method so that the administrator can perform the remote configuration, maintenance, and device upgrade. The administrator can authorize the common user to perform the customized management. The authorized users can log in to MyPower VC8100 to apply for services, provision and cancel services. MyPower VC8100 provides the abundant log information to help administrator locate, analyze, and fix faults. Besides, MyPower VC8100 provides the routing plan template to help users optimize the voice routing.


Mobile office
Users can register to IP telecommunications server through soft terminal whenever and wherever. When there are any calls, the IP communications server can find the place where the user registers lately.

Voice message box
When there are no answers or the callee is busy, IP communications server prompts the caller to leave message through IVR. The callee can log in to the Web page to listen to, forward, delete, save, and create voice mails through the common phones and the soft phone terminals of Maipu. If a user adopts Maipu soft phone and MyPower VC8100 and when the user has voice message, Maipu soft phone prompts the user to see the voice message box at once.

Auto telephone exchange
The auto telephone exchange helps to realize the following functions:

  • Forward calls to the voice message box through the voice prompt
  • Log in to the voice message box
  • Dial the extension
  • Switch to the operator
  • On holidays or off-work time, the auto telephone exchange can play the greetings and prompt the user that it is off-work time.

User self-services
Common users can log in to the IP communications server to customize, modify and cancel services through their own accounts. For example, customize/cancel call forward and modify personal information. Besides, common users can log in to the IP communications server to see their voice mails, get the voice mails, and delete the voice mails. Users can also adopt phones to log in to the IP communications server to perform these operations through voice prompts.

Search group
IP communications server can help to set several users as a search group, and then the system can configure the policies in the search group. Users only need to dial the access number of the search group, and then the system can automatically call every member in the group.

Gateway fault protect
IP communications server can help to configure several trunk gateways as a virtual group, and automatically assign each call to a trunk gateway according to the configuration policy. When a gateway fails, the system masks the gateway, and assigns the calls to other gateways.

Customize voice files
Users can record voice files by themselves according to the requirements, and then load the voice files to the specified place of the MyPower VC8100 IP communications server for the auto telephone exchange, voice mails, and call park.

Data backup
Users can choose the backup policies:

  • Back up the configuration files, voice mails, and configuration database at regular time
  • Back up manually whenever
  • Besides, users can recover the backup data to the IP communications server, facilitating the system maintenance and software upgrade.

Secure access
IP communications server supports user register and call authentication to ensure the legal access. Besides, IP communications server provides the secure HTTP access. That is to say, the administrator and common users log in to the IP communications server through HTTPS to ensure the data security.

Call park server
Call park server plays the music that is preset by the user. The main applications are as follows:

  • The callee can park the caller to the server, and then to other places for being connected.
  • After the server is configured to allow parking multiple numbers at the same time, the function similar to the broadcast hotline queuer can b
    e realized.
  • The park server plays the music to the user to avoid the boring waiting.