Maipu MP3800 Series Aggregation Router

MP3800 series router is a new service aggregation router developed by Maipu. It is used for the county aggregation and uplink of large WANsand city aggregation and link of small WANs, and can be used as large Internet access platform. It includes only MP3840, which has four MIMs and four SICs, and supports accessing up to 20 E1 interfaces. It has the packet forwarding capability of 600K-1Mpps.

MP3800 series router integrates the full-service aggregation theory of Maipu, and provides routing, switching, security, video, VoIP and bandwidth optimizing services, realizing the smooth upgrade and extending of future network. It can provide strong aggregation capacity to meet the requirements of large-scale aggregation. It adopts modular design and integrates Gigabit optical/electric optional Ethernet interface on the control board to release functional module slots and save user investment. It uses the unified MyPower-R software, provides rich network and link protocols, routing and backup protocols, network security services, IP multicast protocol, SNA/DLSw function, QoS feature and network management protocol, and supports BGP edge gateway protocol and MPLS function. It can serve as PE node in the network.

The MP3800 series router combined with Maipu series routers provides complete WAN solutions for large-medium enterprises and the users in the indutries of carriers, finance, energy sources, traffic, education and military.

Key Features

600K-1Mpps processing performance
The router adopts the fast forwarding engine technology and the hardware system design with DMA, hardware speedup component, CPU chip with high-performance DDR memory channel, and dual-PCI bus. Four high-speed interface (Gigabit Ethernet) controllers are integrated to the CPU chip, which makes the processing performance reach 600K-1Mpps. In this way, more network services are supported.

2M aggregation capacity to improve the bandwidth
The router provides 2M aggregation capacity to realize the line rate forwarding of several 155m high-speed board cards (ATM/CPOS/POS). Up to several hundred 2M sites can be aggregated. If several E1/CE1 board cards are adopted, the port density can reach 66 and up to 66 2M sites can be aggregated. In this way, the site bandwidth is improved.

Open structure with high backplane bandwidth supports service integration
The router provides high backplane bandwidth. MIM provides Gigabit backplane to make the backplane bandwidth of the router reach 16Gbps. The full open structure supports routing, switching, security, video, VoIP and bandwidth optimizing services.

Various network crisis processing mechanisms to ensure the stable running of the router as the large-scale edge aggregation device
The router provides dual-power redundancy hot backup and supports momentary power-off protect. All power supplies comply with CE authentication standards and support 100-240V. The wide voltage range satisfies the normal use under more voltage environments. The router supports hot-swap of service cards and VRRP (VBRP). The router can cooperate with the routers of other manufacturers to realize dual-system hot backup. In this way, the services are not interrupted and the stable running of the router as large-scale edge aggregation device is ensured.

Provides virtual routing switch technology and adopts the cost of switch networking to realize the advantage of router networking
The router adopts virtual routing switch technology and has two working modes including routing and bridge. Each WAN interface encrypting the protocol has the corresponding virtual Ethernet interface. The data is routed or bridged between the virtual Ethernet interface and WAN interface. Therefore, users can configure and use the virtual Ethernet interface, which is like an actual Ethernet interface. In this way, the upper end adopts MP3800 series router to configure CPOS/aggregation of multi-E1 board cards; the lower end adopts the bridge+switch networking mode and uses the cost of switch networking to realize the advantage of router networking.

Rich software functions
The router realizes the set of BGP edge gateway protocol and MPLS protocol, and supports L2TP and IPSec. The router can adopt these technologies to deploy different VPN networks from L2 to L3. The router is inbuilt with firewall and provides the advanced security features such as ACL packet filtering, NAT, authentication audit, route verification, callback, and refusing service protect. It provides integrated services and distinguished services, and supports RSVP, ACR, FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, CBWFQ, and LLQ to ensure the distinguishing of key services. In China, the router is the first to realize SNA, DLSw and LLC2, and supports the three centralized network management modes of SHELL, WEB, and SNMP (SNMP V3). The router adopts English graphical Maipu Masterplan to realize cross-platform and modular network management. In this way, the network can be configured, monitored, measured, charged and maintained.

Compatible with the routers of the main manufacturers
The router provides fashion configuration interfaces and styles, which are easy to use. The router complies with RFC standards and main standards in the industry, and can be inter-connected and communicate with the network devices of the main manufacturers in the industry.

The router adopts 19» shielding electromagnetic radiation chassis, which can be installed on the standard rack and has the features of anti-earthquake, anti-high temperature, anti-electromagnetic radiation and easy to install/un-install. In this way, MP3800 series router can work more reliably and stably, and be applied in some special environments such as electricity, oil, petrochemical, and the army.

Technical Specifications

Product configuration
Product Model
Console Port
10/100/1000M Ethernet interface
High-speed MIPS processor
64Mbytes, Expandable to 1GBbytes
256Mbytes, Expandable to 1GBbytes
MTBF (mean time between failures)
100000 hours
Bus bandwidth
Maximal route table capability
63000 entries (256MB memory)
320000 entries (1GB memory)
Maximal access list capability
250000 entries
1518-byte delay
Standards & Protocols
Link protocols
PPP, SLIP, SDLC, FR, LLC2, ISDN, X.25, HDLC, LAPB, Ethernet_II, Ethernet, SNAP, 802.1Q
Network protocols
Routing protocols
Static routing protocol , RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP, NDSP, IRMP, SNSP, IGMP, DVMRP, PIM-SM/DM
Network security
PPP encryption, L2TP, GRE, strategy routing,, AAA, IPSec, IKE, PKI, MPLS L2/L3VPN, SSH, SNMP V3
IP phone
H.323 protocol , H.225, H.245, RTP/RTCP, RTP condensation, T.38/T.30,G.711A/u,G.729, G.723.1
FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, WFQ, CBWFQ, LLQ, CAR, SPD, WRED, traffic shaping
Physical indices
Dimension (H x W x D)
444mm x 380mm x 177mm
12.5KG (Maximum)
Power supply requirement
Input voltage (AC)
100~240V, 50-60Hz
Input voltage (DC)
-40~-57V, 4A
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
10-90%, Non-condensing