Maipu MP2800 Series Broadband-Narrowband Router

This router series (MP2804, MP2806, MP2816, MP2818 and MP2824) integrates routing, switching, security, VoIP, transmission, local storage and wireless functions. The router integrates the Maipu Multi-service Edge Intelligent Network (MEIN) technology boost businesses.

The series adopts fixed and modular structure, and provides broadband & narrowband, multi-service and intelligent solutions for users. The series has 100M packet-forwarding capacity from LAN to WAN. It can be used to access multi-Ethernet nodes such as network ends, PC and video monitor in finance, securities, insurance and government industries.
The router provides many software features such as SNA/DLSw, VoIP, VPN, MPLS, multicast, MAC address binding, and access control and bandwidth restriction. The series provides backup schemes and QoS features. It can be applied to multiple services such as data, video and voice.

The router series, combined with other Maipu routers, provides complete WAN network solutions for operator, finance, government, energy sources, traffic, education and military industries, and large-medium scale enterprises.

Key Features

Broadband-narrowband integration supports N*64K-100M lines
MP2800 extends features of Maipu broadband-narrowband routers and provides several high-speed multi-function slots to access Nx64K, 2M and Nx2M narrowband lines and realize MODEM, ISDN and ADSL dial backup schemes. The fast-forwarding engine technology developed by Maipu makes WAN 100M line interface reach wire-speed forwarding supporting the extension of WAN line bandwidth to 100M in advance.

Intelligent multi-WAN load balance for coexistence of services
Lower MP2800 series router assigns traffic to balance load by providing two or above lines on access/network nodes to reach one upper server. When some lines become invalid, traffics can be re-assigned to other lines.

Provides intelligent NMS for automatically diagnosing router faults to realize ‘Zero-spot service’
Inbuilt dial-up modem/console port is connected to an external dial-up modem for remote login. Switch to remote configuration mode via button. Then users and manufacturers can maintain devices anywhere via telephone line dial-up to realize «Zero-spot service». MP2800 supports Maipu intelligent NMS for diagnosing and fixing router faults, automatically generating a record for users to query. In this way, it reduces management and maintenance work of users considerably.

Inbuilt hardware encryption technology ensures key services of finance system can be transmitted on IP lines
The router provides inbuilt and highly efficient hardware encryption engine. The encrypting data does not occupy bandwidth and CPU of the router system realizing that high-speed encryption does not affect data forwarding efficiency. For widely-used IP private line, encrypting data via WAN is the safest method of ensuring the security of important data.

Each Ethernet port uses L2/L3 technology to realize flexible support for services
All Ethernet interfaces of MP2800 support L2/L3 technology to realize the control for different networking modes and services, avoiding poor control capacity caused by using Layer-2 switch and the problem that adopting routers occupies lots of IP addresses. In this way, we can simplify network configuration and strengthen management and control capacity of network for services.

High-density Ethernet port and asynchronous port to access large-capacity Ethernet devices and traditional terminals
MP2816 and MP2818 models are configured with 2+24 100M Ethernet ports to access network terminals, PC and video terminals. Users do not need to purchase Ethernet switches, saving network investment and reducing faults. Considering there are some dumb terminals to access, MP2800 has extension slots which can be extended to up to 64 asynchronous interfaces to access traditional terminals and large-capacity Ethernet devices in network nodes/branch offices.

Hierarchical QoS
The priorities of various services can be realized on specified bandwidth of MSTP 100M port. MP2800 supports narrowband lines and MSTP/MPLS broadband lines. For MSTP/MPLS, the lines are for 100M interfaces, but in fact, the bandwidth applied by users is only a part such as 2M, 5M, 10M, 20M and 50M. Inconsistency between interface bandwidth and practical bandwidth results in traditional QoS becoming invalid. S0 MP2800 router adopts hierarchical QoS on Ethernet ports to realize bandwidth control first, and then secondary bandwidth allocation for different services. The QoS service of MP2800 router supports RSVP, CAR and queue policies such as FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, CBWFQ and LLQ to ensure priorities of key services.

Supports MPLS and L2TPv3 to provide strict network area division for a single line bearing multiple services
MP2800 supports MPLS, L2TP and IPsec, which can be used to deploy VPN networks from Layer 2 to Layer 3. When branch offices are inter-connected by various lines, multiple services can be born on a single physical network to ensure the security and save cost.

Integrates routing, switching, security, voice, transmission, storage and wireless
MP2800 integrates routing, switching, transmission, security, local storage and wireless. The series leads ways of edge routers — «Faster, more intelligent, more powerful». The inbuilt intelligent switch, firewall, VPN (including MPLS VPN, IPsec VPN and L2TP VPN), VoIP and transmission service modules construct a powerful intelligent platform for different service applications.

Supports secure access control and compatible with products of main manufacturers
MP2800 is configured with inbuilt 802.1X and firewall. The series provides access authentication of users and network devices in branch offices and supports ACL packet filtering, NAT, certification audit, routing verification, callback and refusing service protection. The router is the first in China to realize SNA, DLSw and LLC2 protocols. It is compatible with network devices of main manufacturers in the industry.

Technical Specifications

Product configuration
Product Model
Console Port
VoIP Slots (RM2)
Ethernet interface
2FE + 24FE
2FE + 24FE
High-speed RISC processor
MP2804/MP2806: 32Mbytes
MP2816/MP2818: 64Mbytes
MP2824: 64Mbytes, Expandable to 1GBbytes
MP2804/MP2806/MP2816/MP2818: 128M/256Mbytes (optional)
MP2824: 256Mbytes, Expandable to 1GBbytes
MP2804/MP2806: 160Kpps
MP2816/MP2818: 200Kpps
MP2824: >400Kpps
Standards & Protocols
Link protocols
PPP, SLIP, SDLC, FR, LLC2, ISDN, X.25, HDLC, LAPB, Ethernet_II, Ethernet, SNAP, 802.1Q
Network protocols
Routing protocols
Static routing protocol , RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP, NDSP, IRMP, SNSP, IGMP, DVMRP, PIM-SM/DM
Network security
PPP encryption, L2TP, GRE, strategy routing,, AAA, IPSec, IKE, PKI, MPLS L2/L3VPN, SSH, SNMP V3
IP phone
H.323 protocol , H.225, H.245, RTP/RTCP, RTP condensation, T.38/T.30,G.711A/u,G.729, G.723.1
FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, WFQ, CBWFQ, LLQ, CAR, SPD, WRED, Traffic shaping
Physical indices
Dimension (H x W x D)
MP2804/MP2806: 444mm x 320mm x 44.5mm
MP2816/MP2818: 444mm x 320mm x 44.5mm
MP2824: 444mm x 380mm x 89mm
 Weight MP2804/MP2806/MP2816/MP2818 : 5.7 Kg (Maximum)MP2824: 12.5 Kg (Maximum)
Power supply requirement
Input voltage (AC)
100~240V, 50-60Hz
Input voltage (DC)
-40~-57V, 4A
Power consumption
MP2804: 27W
MP2806: 35W
MP2816: 42W
MP2818: 52W
MP2824: 200W
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
10-90%, Non-condensing